Cylinder Volume Calculator

Cylinder Volume Calculator

The cylinder volume calculator is used to calculate the volume of a cylinder. You can find the capacity of any cylindrical object by using this online tool. Because of the complexity of the calculations, it is a bit difficult to calculate the volume of a cylindrical-shaped object manually. This calculator makes the process very simple by just taking the values from the user and calculates the volume in no time.

We will discuss about cylinders, their volume, formula to calculate the volume and hollow cylinder in detail.

How to use our Cylinder Volume Calculator?

The cylinder volume calculator above does not only calculate the volume of a cylinder, but it can also calculate the other variables that are present in the equation of the volume of a cylinder. You can calculate:

Volume Height
Radius Surface Area
Lateral Surface Base Area

First, select the term for which to want to solve the equation. After selecting a variable, enter the asked values in the given input boxes. These values can be different depending on your selection. For example, if you select the volume from the dropdown list, it will ask you to enter the radius and height of the cylinder, but if you select the height, it will ask volume and radius.

Remember that entered values should be in the same unit. After entering the values, press the “Calculate” button to see the results. It will show you the volume (or selected variable) of the cylinder.

What is a Cylinder?

The surface created by points at a fixed distance from the center of a certain straight line is the simplest form of a cylinder. However, in general use, the term cylinder refers to a right circular cylinder, in which the cylinders are circular bases bound by an axis perpendicular to the planes of their bases by their centers along with a specific radius and height.

Cylinders are widely used in our daily life. You can see the applications of the cylinder in routine, and some of those are as follows:

A piece of chalk A drinking straw
A tree trunk A roll of paper towels
A roll of toilet paper A cigarette
A can of beans A double-A battery
A triple-A battery A dowel
The cylinders of a car engine A candle
A coffee mug A copper pipe for water
A test tube A PVC pipe
A can of beer A steel pipe

What is the volume of a cylinder?

The volume of a cylinder is the total capacity of a cylinder-shaped object that it can hold in itself. It can be calculated by using the radius and height of the cylinder. We will calculate the volume of a cylinder later in the post, but first, we will explain the cylinder volume formula.

What is the formula for volume of a cylinder?

The volume of a cylinder formula can be written as follow:

Volume of a Cylinder or V = π r 2 h

In this cylinder volume equation:

r is the radius of the cylinder, and

h is the height of the cylinder or tank

π is the mathematical constant with a value of 3.14159.

So, to calculate cylinder volume, multiply the height of the cylinder with a squared radius and π.

How to calculate volume of a cylinder?

To calculate the volume of a cylinder, we need height and radius of the cylinder. Diameter can also be used if the radius is not available. If you have the diameter, simply divide it by 2, it will become radius.

Suppose we have a tank of water with 5 meters of height and 2 meters of the radius. We need to know how much water it can store. It means we will need the volume of that tank.

  • First of all, identify the values.

h = 5 m

r = 2 m

π = 3.14159

V = π r2 h

  • Then, substitute the values in the above equation.

V = 3.14159 × 2 2 × 5 = 62.83 m3

The tank of water with 2 meters of radius and 5 meters of height can store 62.83 m3 of water. You can also use the volume of cylinder calculator above to find the volume without doing all these calculations.

The volume of a hollow cylinder

The hollow cylinder is a 3d area with two parallel ring-shaped bases perpendicular to the common axis of the cylinder and two right circular cylinders with an equal axis. You can imagine a pipe or straw if you want to understand the hollow cylinder.

 The formula of hollow cylinder volume is: 

V = π × (R ² - r ²) × h

In this equation:

r is the internal radius of the cylinder,

R is the external radius,

h is the height of the cylinder or tank, and

π is the mathematical constant with a value of 3.14159.

Let’s take a real-life example to measure the volume of a cylindrical shell, perhaps a steel pipe. If a steel pipe is 15 cm long, with an internal radius of 2 cm and an external radius of 3.5 cm, what would be the volume of that steel pipe?

  • Get the values first.

R = 3.5 cm,

r = 2 cm,

h = 15 cm

π = 3.14159

  • Write the formula for the volume of cylindrical shell.

V = π × (R ² - r ²) × h

  • Place the values in the above equation.

V = 3.14159 × (3.5 2 – 2 2) × 15 = 3.14159 × 28 × 15 = 1319.46 cm 3

So, a steel pipe with the given values would have the volume of 1319.46 cm 3 considering its height with internal and external radius.

The volume of an oblique cylinder

The oblique cylinder a cylinder that has bases that are not aligned but parallel to one another. The lateral side of the cylinder is obliquely visible as a result. By comparison to the standard right cylinder, the sides are not perpendicular to the bases.

The volume of an oblique cylinder can be calculated using the same formula and method that we have used above to calculate for the right cylinder.

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