Stamp Duty Calculator Australia

Stamp Duty Calculator Australia

Land Stamp duty is a tax levied by the Australian government and is in relation to the transfer of land or property in Australia.

The tax value may vary in relation to the purpose of the security bought. For instance, the charges would differ if you purchase an owner occupied property as a first time home owner or as the one who has previously possessed a property.

Each Australian state has its own distinct metric of charges and all these variables are available within our Stamp Duty Calculator Australia

Stamp Duty Calculator AU

Ecalculator has developed Australia stamp duty calculator exclusively for Australian states. It is a cost free tool and does not require user registration to the site.

To use this Stamp Duty Calculator you need to input the following:

  • Property’s Purchase Price
  • Choose the State where you are buying the property (different states in Australia like NSW, Victoria and QLD have different real estate stamp duty rates)
  • Whether you’re a first time home buyer or not?
  • What type of Property you are buying? Two options (Newly built or a Preexisting property)
  • The purpose of buying the said property (Two options: For residence or Investment)

All these variables are necessary to calculate land transfer stamp duty since it is dependent on these factors.

Side Note: First time home buyers are eligible for the Current Grant.

Land Tax for Investment Property

Government Duty rates vary when buying an Investment Property relative to buying an owner occupied home.

A number of states have different metrics that relate to the buying an Investment property, and therefore prove more costly.

If you’re an investor in Australia, you’d probably be looking at all States and the payable stamp duty would likely be a factor in your decision on where to buy investment property in Australia.

Land eligible for residence?

Land would be considered eligible for residence when it is evaluated that it is:

  • Being principally used for residence.
  • Though the land may not be previously used for any particular purpose at a given time, after the purchase, it should be used for residence with relevant modification that are residential in their character.
  • The land is unoccupied with only minor improvements, the land is within an established zone with a plan of development.

In certain cases, the land zoning will be pertinent where the land is unworked or there are only slight modifications.

Qualifying land in Australia

Qualifying land means land that is being used other than residence purposes or for primary production as explained in the Stamp Duty Act of 1923. The Commissioner would generally rely on land use codes to determine whether the land is considered to be residential or primary production land.

Where the land is within an established zone with a plan of development under the Development Act 1993 that predicts the use and/or potential use, of the land as non-residential.

Stamp duty on transfers of residential and primary production land will remain unchanged. Vacant land will be considered to be used for primary production or residential purposes in certain circumstances.

How can you minimize your stamp duty AUS costs?

Stamp duty is a big deal in Australia. However, there are measures you can adopt to avoid the paying of stamp duty or at least considerably lessen the amount you pay.

  • If you are constructing a house, lower the costs, for instance, by buying inexpensive fixtures. Decreasing costs of building your house by some thousand dollars can save you a lot of money in stamp duty.
  • Consider a property that is cheaper in cost. Stamp duty is higher on properties worth more than 500,000 Australian Dollars. So, you should consider buying a house below this value to avoid paying higher stamp duty.
  • Also, remember that in some Australian states you would be charged on the market value of the property instead of the purchase price, so don’t forget to factor it in when buying a property. You may not necessarily get stamp duty to reduce in this instance but you certainly can try and negotiate the price of the property with the seller.
  • Lastly, you can switch states. You can relocate to another state where stamp duty is relatively lower or where you are totally excluded from paying stamp duty if you’re a buying a home first time.

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