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Discount Calculator

What is Discount?

A discount is a decrease in the price of a product or service that is usually applied when retailers or service providers want to attract customers with the incentive of lower costs. It is a marketing strategy used to sell the leftover stock of items that didn’t sell previously at their actual prices.

In everyday life of an average person, they frequently come across discounts in the market primarily on items like clothes and shoes and as mentioned above, discount tactics are employed by these companies to sell the stock that didn’t sell in its respective season.

For example, a leather jackets store, would typically start selling its leather jackets at discounted rates when the winter season is ending, to sell whatever stock is left that didn’t sell in the midst of the season.

Why you need to calculate the discount rate?

In the marketing world, terms like ‘discount’ are used to attract potential customers with the incentive of mass selling of products or services. Companies like clothing brands usually put their products “on sale” when they have leftover stock that didn’t sell previously.

Normally, as the prices are down, it leads people to buy these products at lesser costs than what they usually would have paid for the same. However, there are already so many exploitation going on in the business world.

Some companies would raise the prices to dramatic highs and then put them on discount at their original price. People fortunately have started to see through this trick and it’s become harder for companies to play such fouls.

However, the profit based companies still have some tricks left up their sleeves. One of the simplest and most effective, is marketing/displaying discount rates in percentages.

The cunning thing about this trick is that it reveals a major flaw in human psychology. We would rush to say, a clothing or shoes brand when we see ads of them practically giving away their stuff almost free at 60 percent discount rates for instance.

While the actual discount rate might be at 30 percent, half the rate of discount being claimed. The thing is, we wouldn’t really be verifying whether the discount on the given product really is 60 percent by calculating it. We would simply be happy that the products are selling cheaper than their actual prices and so they must be selling at the discount rate the company has claimed.

This is the exact flaw in human behavior that the profitable companies exploit. Well not anymore. Now you can simply calculate the actual price of a product or service at the given discount rate with ecalculator discount rate calculator.

How to Calculate Discount Rate?

The ecalculator Percentage Discount calculator allows you to find out the exact reduced price of a product or service that is on discount. In essence, with this tool, you can verify whether a company is really selling a product or service at the stated discounted rate or not in case you want to buy the product.

How to calculate percentage discount?

All you have to do is follow the steps below.

  • Determine the original price of the given product or service (for instance, let’s say it is $80)
  • Find the percentage of discount on the given product or service (for example 30%)
  • Compute the savings: 30% of $80 = $24
  • Subtract the savings from the original price to get the sale price: $80 - 24 = $56

There! You’re good to go! This is how to find discount rate.

In theory, you can manually calculate the discount as well. However, if this was really practical, the companies wouldn’t have adopted this trick in the first place. After all, who wants to mess with the math of things not to mention the time that gets wasted in manual calculations in today’s fast paced life.

Hence, this discount percentage calculator is free to use. The ecalculator doesn’t charge anything from its users. Site visitors can use our tool as much as they want, they don’t have to register to the website.

Original Price Calculator Formula

The equation for discount is precisely the same as the percentage decrease equation:

Discount price = original price – (original price * discount/ 100)

The similar above formula is used in ecalculator Discount Calculator to compute discount rates.

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