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Binary to octal converter is an online tool to converter binary strings into the octal number system. Binary is the simplest type of system with two numbers of 0 and 1. Since only these two states 0 or 1 are used in digital electronics, binary numbers are the favorite in modern computer engineers, network and communication specialized professionals, and other experts. The octal number is one of the sets of numbers that only has eight numbers, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, with the base value of 8.

How to use our Binary to Octal Converter?

Binary to octal conversion could be difficult, depending on the length of the binary number you are converting. The above binary to octal converter makes this conversion process very simple for you. It takes the whole load and saves your time and effort.

To convert binary to octal using this converter, simply put your binary number in the input box given above. You can also load sample data by clicking “Load Sample Data Button.” After entering the binary number in the text box, press the “Calculate” button to see the converted number. This tool will show you the octal number that it has converted using your binary string.

How to convert binary to octal?

The Octal Number System provides an easy way to convert large binary numbers into smaller and more compact sets. There are two methods for binary to octal conversion. We can convert binary numbers to any other number system such as decimal and then convert this decimal to octal. But we will use a simple technique to convert binary numbers to octal numbers. Convert binary number to octal by following the below steps.

  1. Write down a binary number or string.
  2. Break down the whole string into pieces of three digits, starting from right to left. i.e., 1100111 è 1 100 111
  3. If the binary number is a fraction, make groups from left to the right.
  4. If the last pair doesn’t contain three digits, add zeros, i.e., 001 100 111
  5. Match these three digits groups in the table given below and write the corresponding octal numbers.

Convert ‘1010111100’ into octal number

  1. Let’s convert this binary number into an octal number.

(1010111100) 2

  1. Make groups of three digits.

(1 010 111 100) 2

  1. Now add two zeros in the last group on the left.

(001 010 111 100) 2

  1. Look for these groups in the table below and write the corresponding octal numbers.

(1 2 7 4) 8

So, the binary number ‘1010111100’ after converting to the octal number becomes (1274) 8.

Binary to Octal Table

Refer to this table for converting binary numbers to octal numbers.

Binary Equivalent Octal Digit Value
000 0
001 1
010 2
011 3
100 4
101 5
110 6
111 7

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