Lean Body Mass Calculator

What is lean body mass?

Lean body mass is the total mass of the body which includes all the organs, skin, organs, bones and everything else but excludes all the body fat present in any part of the body.

Lean body mass (LBM) is vital to know if you are trying to lose weight. You can observe your Lean mass to know how much body fat you have to lose or how much you have lost already. Losing only muscles and no fat can affect your body a lot. Losing only fat mass can lead to an unpleasant appearance of the body and other health issues as well.

Calculating LBM helps a person to know precisely how much fat percentage your body has and how much you need to lose to have ideal body weight. It is a more precise method rather than measuring actual body weight. (You might be interested to use our Ideal body weight calculatorBMI Calculator & BSA Calculator )

How to Calculate Lean Body Mass

However, there are multiple formulas that are used to calculate lean body weight, here are some precise equations used for measuring adults LBM:

The Boer Formula:

  • For males:

eLBM = 0.407W + 0.267H - 19.2

  • For females:

eLBM = 0.252W + 0.473H - 48.3

The James Formula:

  • For males:

eLBM = 1.1W - 128(WH )2

  • For females:

eLBM = 1.07W – 148 (WH )2

The Hume Formula:

  • For males:

eLBM = 0.32810W + 0.33929H - 29.5336

  • For females:

eLBM = 0.29569W + 0.41813H - 43.2933

These are the equations used to calculate lean body mass for healthy adults mostly for men after the age of 16-17 and for women after the age of 14-15 as the growth stops after this age. For underage and children, there is another formula used is peters formula for children 14 years old or younger.

Peters Formula:

eECV = 0.0215 ×W0.6469×H0.7236

eLBM = 3.8×eECV

In all the formulas W is the weight in kilograms and H is the height in centimeters.

On the other hand, you can use our Lean body mass calculator to calculate easily, save your time and money.

How to use LBM Calculator

One of the precise and simple calculators used by a number of people worldwide, our LBM calculator allows users to precisely measure lean body mass with easy and free of cost.

All you have to do is just add some simple details in the fields given and clicking on the “calculate” will get you the results in seconds. Unlike other calculators that need waist length and other details.

The details you need to provide are:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height

Our lean body weight calculator allows users to choose any unit for each measurement according to your preference like for weight you can use kg, gram, pounds, pound-mass, and ounce. There are three formulas our calculator uses which are:

  • The Boer Formula
  • The James Formula
  • The Hume Formula

You can choose any of the formulae according to your knowledge and preference.

Other ways to calculate Lean Body Mass:

However, our online calculator is a precise way to measure lean body mass but there are other methods as well which are accurate but expensive like X-ray, Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA), MRI (3D scan), CT scan, body density (weighing underwater).

These are some popular but expensive methods. Amongst these methods, the most popular one is DEXA as it is easy to access, perform and reliable.

Other less popular and less precise methods are bioelectric impedance analysis, neutron activation, total body counting, and total body water measurement. These methods have inaccuracy issue in individuals who are obese and overweight and sometimes causes errors in normal-weight persons as well due to some of their general assumptions.

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