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CPM Calculator

CPM abbreviated Cost per Mile refers to the cost per thousand impressions (with Mile meaning “Thousand” in this context) on an Ad placement on a forum. It is the amount of capital an advertiser pays for 1000 views or clicks on an advertisement.

You make revenue on the Internet through placing ads on your webpage or blog site, by monetizing the traffic on your website or blog and through affiliate marketing which gets you a commission every time a company’s product or service sells through your blog or site.

The "cost per thousand impressions" is measured by dividing the cost of an advertisement by the number of impressions (expressed in thousands) that it produces.

CPM has utility for comparing the efficiency of different advertising opportunities or the media and in determining the total amount of capital required for ad marketing campaigns.

Purpose of CPM

The primary purpose of CPM is to relate the costs of ad campaigns within and across different media. A classic advertising campaign typically tries to reach potential consumers in multiple locations and through various media platforms.

The CPM allows marketers to evaluate cost comparisons between these platforms, both at the preliminary stage and during reviews of previous campaigns.

Marketers determine the CPM by dividing advertising campaign expenses with the number of impressions that are brought by each aspect of the campaign.

Thus, CPM is the cost of a media campaign, comparable to its success in generating impressions to see. As the impression counts are generally ample, marketers work with the CPM impressions.

You can also calculate CPC with CPC calculator. It allows you to easily calculate the value in question for free and without registration.

CPM Calculator Features

The eCalculator’s CPM calculator determines the value in question when two values are already available. For example, if you know the CPM for an ad and enter it with the total number of impressions you want, you can determine how much it will cost you by using this tool.

If you enter values like impression and the budget capital in the CPM calculator, you will receive your CPM value. By finding out CPM or the amount of money you are paying for a 1000 ad impressions, you can decide whether the amount needed to pay for the campaign is within your budget or not or whether you need to expand your budget or not.

Also, on the other hand, by knowing the impressions, CPM and the required budget, you can design a marketing strategy accordingly.

How to calculate CPM?

First, you need to make up your mind on how many impressions your ad should receive. You also have to fix the ad's price.

Then, divide the number of impressions by 1000. For instance, let’s say the total number of impressions is 30,000. Then, 30,000/1000, the result would be 30.

Then, you have to divide the ad cost that you fixed, with the number that you got by dividing your ad views by 1000 in the second step, to find out the CPM value.

In a nutshell, the formula for calculating Cost per Mile is ad cost divided by the result that had been divided by 1000 impressions. In other words, the CPM formula is CPM = 1000 * cost / impressions.

For clarity, we have outlined the whole process below for you to understand how it is done.

For the cost (the amount you'll have to pay): cost = CPM * impressions / 1000

For impressions (the number of impressions you're going to get, given your budget): impressions = 1000 * cost / CPM

However, why calculate manually which is not to mention, time-consuming, when you can use this tool which calculates the CPM in a split second and saves you the labour, especially if you hate maths.

Why Calculate CPM in the first place

It lets you know the capital required for marketing

Well, you know how important it is to determine the Cost per Mile when it allows you to determine the amount of capital required for your ad campaigns.

CPM Calculator lets you select better ad platforms

By having a clear concept of the number of impressions you want and knowing CPM, you can analyse whether a certain platform is giving your ads the targeted exposure or not. It allows you to shift your marketing strategy if the previous one is not working as desired.

The Marketing Assist

The marketing assists this tool provides is unprecedented. You can’t do without it and marketing is crucial if you want your product or service to be noticed.


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