Macrs depreciation calculator

MACRS Depreciation Calculator

With ecalculator’s MACRS calculator, you can determine the depreciation chart for property that is depreciable, with the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS).

The MARCS depreciation estimator produces a depreciation routine presenting the depreciation percentage degree/rate, the depreciation expenditure for the given current year, the amassed depreciation, the book value at the conclusion of the year, and the depreciation approach employed in calculation.

Depreciation Schedule

 To create a depreciation schedule, follow the simple steps given below.

  • Firstly, input an asset basis and then, the percentage of Business-use.
  • Secondly, choose an appropriate recovery time for property from the dropdown list.
  • Then, select your favored depreciation approach and the related convention
  • Lastly, enter the date, when property was placed in service, and then press on the "Calculate" bar.

MACRS Depreciation

The MACRS also known as Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System is the most basic approach to depreciation for federal income tax targets which is expressly allowed in the United States for depreciation deductions. The MACRS depreciation model allows for large deductions in the early years and small deductions in the later years.

For MACRS, the depreciation deduction is estimated according to either of the following methods:

  • The declining balance approach with switching to straight line method,
  • Only the straight-line method.

There are two systems in MACRS:

  • General depreciation system (GDS)
  • Alternative depreciation system (ADS).

Assets are clustered into property classes based on recovery time periods. For instance, the 3-year time period property, the 5-year time period property, so on and so forth.

MACRS Depreciation Formula

The MACRS Depreciation Calculator employs the following primary formula also known as the MACRS Depreciation Formula.

Di = C × Ri


Di stands for depreciation in year i,

C stands for the original buying price, or basis of an asset/resource

Ri stands for the depreciation rate for year i. It depends on the asset's price recovery time period.

Practical Demonstration

To use ecalculator MACRS Depreciation Calculator, you have to input certain values.

Let’s suppose that you want to determine the marcs depreciation for an asset that is worth $20,000.

Input this cost in the price box, select the depreciation method that you want to employ let’s say it is the straight line method then select the years for property classification, let’s say it is 10 years.

Now, you have to select the percentage of this asset for business use. Let’s consider that it is 40 percent of the asset. Select the convention to use the asset for the first year, let’s suppose, it is mid quarter.

Now select the date that the asset was placed in service and year date to calculate the depreciation expense for. Let’s say the former is 14-03-2017 and the latter is 13-11-2019.

Then you can choose whether to include the depreciation schedule in the result or not as well as the round. Let’s say you choose ‘yes’ on the round and choose to get the depreciation schedule as well.

With all these values in place, simply click on the ‘calculate’ option and it will give you your result.

Given the values we have supposed above, the following is the calculation.

Depreciable base = $20,000.00

Depreciation % for 2019 = 10.00%

Depreciation expense for 2019 = $800.00

MACRS Depreciation Table

Sr. No Year Basis % Dep exp Accum Dep EBV M
1 2017 $8,000.00 8.75% $700.00 $700.00 $7,300.00 SL
2 2018 $8,000.00 10.00% $800.00 $1,500.00 $6,500.00 SL
3 2019 $8,000.00 10.00% $800.00 $2,300.00 $5,700.00 SL
4 2020 $8,000.00 10.00% $800.00 $3,100.00 $4,900.00 SL
5 2021 $8,000.00 10.00% $800.00 $3,900.00 $4,100.00 SL
6 2022 $8,000.00 10.00% $800.00 $4,700.00 $3,300.00 SL
7 2023 $8,000.00 10.00% $800.00 $5,500.00 $2,500.00 SL
8 2024 $8,000.00 10.00% $800.00 $6,300.00 $1,700.00 SL
9 2025 $8,000.00 10.00% $800.00 $7,100.00 $900.00 SL
10 2026 $8,000.00 10.00% $800.00 $7,900.00 $100.00 SL

Our rental property depreciation calculator is free and easy to use. It is fast and provides efficient results.

IRIS Publication 946

The Pub 946 discusses how deducting depreciation (special accelerated cost recovery allowances and deductions under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) will recoup business cost or income generating assets.

It also explains how you can decide to take a deduction from section 179 for certain properties and additional rules for listed property instead of depreciation deductions.

In general, the methods of depreciation mentioned in Publication 946 do not refer to premises in contract before 1987. You can find detailed information on Pub 534.

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