Centor Score (Modified/McIsaac) for Strep Pharyngitis

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Centor Score Calculator (Modified/McIsaac)

Centor score is the clinical prediction rule that is used to predict the likelihood of strep pharyngitis in the throat which is caused because of a streptococcal infection.
Centor criteria consist of five clinical measures which are based on (modified/McIsaac).

The basis of Centor score was when an article was published in Medical Decision Making In 1981 by Dr. Robert Centor and associates. The main concept was to see if persons with sore throat had a group A streptococcus can be classified by the clinical findings or not.

The results showed that four variables predicted the positive culture. The fifth variable was introduced later on by Dr. Warren Mclsaac.

How to Calculate Centor Score

Centor criteria also known as strep throat criteria comprises of four measures which are:

  • Fever greater than 38 Celsius
  • Absence or presence of cough
  • Tender/swollen anterior cervical lymph nodes
  • Tonsillar exudates (swelling of tonsils)

Each of the variable gives +1 point and the fifth variable is the age that may give you -1,0 or +1 point.

Here are the points to each variable:

Interpretation of Centor Score

As the Centor score predicts the probability of strep, the bigger the number the higher is the possibility will be; where 5 is the highest score.
  • Centor score O;

Probability of positive culture will be about 1-3 %

  • Centor score of 1 point;

Probability of positive culture will be about 5-7 %

  • Centor score of 2 points;

Probability of positive culture will be about 14-16%

  • Centor score of 3 points;

Probability of positive culture will be about 28-35 %

  • Centor score of 4-5 points;

Probability of positive culture will be about 51-53%

According to these results, the interpretation should be as follows:

  • Score 0-1 means no further tests or treatment with antibiotics is required
  • A score of 2-3 points suggests that culture test should be taken and antibiotics required with positive culture result only
  • A score of 4-5 points means the patient must be empirically treated with antibiotics.

The Need of an Online Centor Score Calculator

Medical checkup is no doubt necessary but to save money and time online calculator is the best option. Our online calculator does not just put out results that are precisely accurate but it also saves time as after inserting the required information to the tool, you will get the results in seconds.

To use our calculator you need to just examine yourself and observe your condition like presence or absence of cough and some simple information like your current age.

After knowing the current condition, you just need to insert the information and the results will be generated. The results will not just show you the score but also the percentage of likelihood of strep and the required activity you need. As an example: if your centor score is 4 the calculator will show that your likelihood of strep is 51-53% and you need a rapid strep testing or culture test.

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