Back Care - Definition, Purposes, Contraindications

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If there is one body part that faces the most consequences of your work life, it has to be your back. Whether it is the uncountable hours hunched over your desks or working countless hours in the hospital, your back for sure gets strained.

Back problems, on the other hand, are pretty common in many patients. Hence, when you realize that this particular part of the body is what gets affected the most, have you ever put in enough thought to take care of it too? Want to know why back care is essential and everything related to it? Hop on below to find out.

What is Back Care – Definition?

Back care is a synchronized method of cleaning and massaging the back – from the shoulders to the pelvic region. The backing meaning refers to balanced and consistent strokes in a timely and synchronized manner that will ensure cutaneous stimulation and thus provide comfort and relax the bunched muscles.

Purpose of Back Care – Why is it Essential?

There are several reasons why back care can be essential for you. Some of the significant benefits of gravitating toward proper back care are:

·       Promotes Physical and Mental Relaxation

A lot of strain and stress from your everyday life can cause your muscles to bunch up and become stiff. This can lead to not only a stoic body structure but immense pain as well.

Proper back massage and back care help your muscles relax and relieve the pain, improve your back flexibility and give overall relaxation to your body.

Moreover, a back massage/care will provide a 'time-out' from your everyday work routine. You can only focus on getting a good care session and relaxing, ultimately benefiting your mental relaxation.

·       Stimulates Blood Circulation

Back care is directly related to back massages which involve putting soothing pressures on your back region. These pressures applied during the massage helps stimulate blood flow to damaged or congested regions, promoting healing. 

Moreover, improved blood circulation will help your body's metabolic system to work efficiently and hence help eliminate metabolic waste quickly. This can prove to be very beneficial for your overall health.

·       Increased Endorphin Levels

A good back care massage will help release endorphins from the brain. Endorphins are a feel-good hormone that helps enhance mood and reduce depression and anxiety in many individuals. 

Therefore, those who face anxiety because of work-life stresses or, in general, should indulge in back care to treat their back and reduce anxiety and depression.

The endorphins will also help relieve the feeling of pain and hence provide a speedy recovery.

·       Prevents Bed Sore

For critically ill or bedridden patients, bed sores are an undeniable reality. However, these painful sores can be treated with proper back care. Repositioning bedridden patients every few hours and massaging their upper and lower back shoulders, and other areas of the body with essential oils and other articles will help prevent bed sores.

·       Relieves Insomnia

Back care is stimulated with essential articles like oils, soaps, lotions, blankets, etc., providing comfort and relief. With the release of relaxing and comforting hormones, essential back care can, in turn, help relieve insomnia.

Hence, getting proper back care for those with insomnia will help them sleep better and improve their overall schedules.

What Patients are contraindicated from Getting Back Care?

While back care does have its significant benefits, some people cannot get back care or massage. This is because certain factors make them contraindicated to the procedure. 

The contraindication related to back care massage and those who cannot avail it are:

·       Rib Fracture

Rib fractures are intense and can cause immense pain. Hence, putting pressure during a massage when someone has a fractured rib is crucial and can lead to further damage.

Therefore, massage or back care is contraindicated during rib fractures or flail chest.

·       Burns

During burns, any unnecessary touching of the body or procedures is contraindicated. Hence, indulging in back care during a burn injury is a big no and should be avoided at all costs.

·       Post-Operative Coronary Bypass or other Heart Procedures

Heart procedures, especially coronary artery bypass is a highly crucial and delicate procedures. Those who undergo such surgery should take immense rest and proper care. 

Therefore, after-care once a coronary procedure is done is important and any back care should be avoided until cleared or permitted by the doctor.

·       Back or Spinal Surgeries

Back and Spinal surgeries require immense aftercare, and stable positioning should be maintained. This also means that once a surgical procedure has taken place, no immense pressures or unrequired movement should be applied to the back. Hence, back care or any massage should be avoided during this stage until cleared by your physician.

What are the Articles Needed during a Back Care Procedure?

Back care isn't a complicated procedure but a simple one that provides immense benefits. Knowing the proper massaging techniques and equipment that are taken into account for the procedure is necessary. Some of the essential articles needed for back care are:

  1. Oils and Lotions
  2. Soap
  3. Bath Towel
  4. Bath Blanket
  5. Wash Cloth
  6. Warm Water
  7. Draw Sheet

While these are some significant articles for carrying out back care procedures, it is still important to know what steps of back care and massaging techniques go into this nursing or hospital procedure.

What are the best Massaging Techniques for Back Care?

A number of back care steps and massaging techniques are involved in a back care procedure. However, there are a few that top the rest. Some of the best massaging techniques and back care steps in nursing are mentioned below:

1.   Effleurage

Light pressure is applied to begin this massage treatment using fingers and flat hands. The pressures used in the effleurage massage procedure are vital to improve blood circulation toward the heart and increase temperature towards soft tissue. The warmth induced hence not only relaxes your body but also plays a significant role in healing.

However, the most significant results for effleurage are visible in the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is a part of the circulatory system that helps transport lymph fluid toward the body. The role of the lymph fluid is to collect unwanted waste from your body and get rid of it.

With effleurage strokes, the working of the lymphatic system significantly improves and hence benefits you.

2.   Petrissage

The Petrissage massage technique involves deep pressure while kneading, squeezing, and stretching the soft tissues and underlying muscles.

Usually, in this back care procedure, the thumb and knuckles are used to provide deep pressure and knead the muscles of the body. This pressure helps to prepare the muscles for other massage procedures that are to be carried out after.

However, this back care procedure is a helping massage technique in many cases. The massage technique frees up bunched muscles, knots, and spasms. It can also improve blood circulation, break up the adhesions and relax the muscles.

3.   Tapotement or Rhythmic Tapping

Tapotement or rhythmic tapping refers to a Swedish massage technique involving percussion with the hand's back. The cupping technique provides extra pressure or more force with some specialized techniques. This, in turn, helps improve blood circulation, release toxins from the body and loosen and energize the muscles in the back region.

4.   Friction

The primary mechanism of friction in massage is to provide heat or warmth to the patient's body. To carry out this procedure, the massage provider would either rub his palms vigorously together or rub them on the patient body.

The rubbing will be referred to as the friction produced and generate heat that provides several benefits to the patient's body.

Ideally, the friction is produced to heat the body for further massage treatments or to provide a deep massage. However, in certain instances, it is also used to help in healing scar tissue adhesion and align them back into their original form.

5.   Vibration or Shaking

Using the fingers tips or heel of the hand, a back-and-forth action is carried out to shake or vibrate the muscles in the back. This shaking allows the bunched-up muscles, spasms, or knots to loosen and relax under the massage technique.

How is a Back Care Procedure Carried Out?

The physician, nurse, or massage provider should ensure the following steps to carry out a back care procedure.

  • Explain the procedure to the patients and let them know the position.
  • Adjust the bed in a height and manner which is comfortable for the patient.
  • Maintain privacy and hence close all windows and curtains.
  • Maintaining hand hygiene is crucial if you are carrying out a massage.
  • Now expose the patient's back, from the shoulder to the lower back region. Let the remainder of the body be covered.
  • Using oil and all essential massage techniques, carry out the procedure.
  • Once done, wipe access lubricants and oils. Help the patient back in a comfortable position.
  • Dispose of all un-reusable equipment, and record the patient's responses. 

Special Considerations to Keep in Mind

  • Ensure that the rhythm of the massage is coordinated with the patient's breathing.
  • It is advisable to take blood pressure readings before the procedure for hypertensive patients or those with dysrhythmia.
  • Consider the patient's cultural preferences.
  • Do not start the massage if the discoloration is present on the patient's skin.

Where can you get the Best Back Care Massage?

Now that you know how beneficial a back care massage is and why indulging in massage therapy is essential, we are sure you'd want to know the best places to get a massage.

Well, if you live in the United States, you are in luck.

This is because nicelocal.com is a fantastic website that helps you find the best massage places under one roof. Want to know some of the top-quality back massages places on nicelocal that it recommends in New York City? Read below.

1.   Spa Rockaway

Anyone getting a therapeutic or relaxing massage wants a professional approach and a pleasant environment. So, if you are looking for combined professionalism and aesthetic ambiance, then we assure you there is nothing better than Spa Rockaway.

Located in Rockaway Park, New York, this massage place is hardly a four-minute walk from the stop. With a relaxing ambiance, a hygienic environment, and a massage so good that it will make you want to stay there forever, this place is your number-one go-to stop for incredible massages and back care.

2.   Massage Therapy by Eddie

Located in New York's spectacular location of Times Square, Massage Therapy by Eddie is the best in business.

With a peaceful environment and professional staff, this massage place in New York's heart is one of the best you can go to. However, the timings for it should be kept under consideration.

Operating on Saturdays and Sundays only, from 12 pm till 8 pm, the place can be packed at times. Hence, it is always advisable to walk in with an appointment and never without one.

3.   Noctua Diem Recovery and Wellness

Operating six days a week, except Monday, Noctua Diem Recovery and Wellness is another excellent spot. Located in Queens's side of the big city, the place isn't only ideal for massages but provides a whole derma facility too.

So, whether it is skincare related, some massages you want to get, or want the new microdermabrasion procedure done, this is your one place to get them all.

However, like most other places, Noctua Diem works only on appointments. Before you walk in directly, we suggest you pick up the phone and make a call.


We hope this article was sufficient for you to understand why back care is essential for patients and how beneficial it can be for regular people.

Nicelocal is one of the most exceptional places to find the best massage spot for your needs under one roof, no matter which part of the US you live in. However, that isn't all. 

The website gives users access to everything and anything. So, from restaurants, cafes, and even the best thrift stores in town, this website is your one-stop shop to find any running business in your nearest locality.

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